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Our mission is very clear and simple everyONE: water period!  Water changes everything and will bring life and hope to people around the world! 

learn how:

-water changes everything-

Today 800 million people do not have access to life's most basic need: clean and safe drinking water. We think this has to change,  so we started a movement called everyONE: water! 


In North America we are blessed beyond measure in almost every facet and faucet of our lives. Without even realizing, we take many things for granted that in other parts of the world are the difference between life and death.


Our dream with everyONE: water is to ensure that everyONE has access to clean running water within walking distance of their homes, we want to  share with you a powerful way that could change the lives of many people you may never meet and inspire you to join a movement that could change an individual's world forever! ​​ ​


 (1)NE: foundation founder,

                 travis heide

every(1)NE: water
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