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If you work for a company or maybe even own a company, there are many ways for you to be a part of the everyONE: water movement! Contact us and we'll brand you as (1)NE company that cares for those on the other side of the world! You also could give (1)NE day's payroll, or 1% of profits!

Some of you may be a part of a small group of caring friends, a sports club or team, or even a large church. If you are and you believe others would like to move as (1)NE in your org for clean water, then reach out to us and we would love the opportunity to come speak and/or give you the tools suited to your members!

First give a drop of hope with your single day's pay- whatever that amount may be. Then, please share this website and the story of the everyONE: water movement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email, and through word of mouth with whoever you meet within the next month! Try and get 10 others to GIVE (1)NE day's pay as well!

(1)NE individual

(1)NE: movement

If you are a student, teacher, parent or, principal, there is a way for you to bring the everyONE: water movement into your educational environment! This is an exciting way to challenge other groups to see who can create the largest "ripple" of change and who can encourage the greatest number of people to get involved in this exciting journey of change! Contact us to get started!

(1)NE school

(1)NE corporation

(1)NE organization

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